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Please note that we always have appointments at all times providing it is in line with the clinic opening hours.


Price £94

Accepted & Approved by all Airlines In-clinic PCR test including UK Government Approved Fit To Fly Certificate



Price £99

UK Government approved COVID-19 PCR test to release Scheme


IMPORTANT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have the appointment date and time that I want? 

Please have a look on the product page of the list of clinics and opening times. If you fall under one of these please be rest assured that we will have an appointment time for you that you desire. We will try our uttermost best to work around you but will see you on this day (as per the opening hours and days). 

How do I add more than one test to the basket? 

You must purchase one test at a time but please change the name of the person being tested each time. 

When are results released? 

Results are released the next day but can take up to midnight to be released. 

How do I get my results, do you post it? 

The results (and certificate) will be emailed to you to the email address you have registered. 

What is on my result document? 

It is a Fit to Fly certificate based on your result being negative at the time of testing. The results will contain your full name, DOB, Sample Date and Time, Sample Reported and Date along with the relevant authorisation from the lab. 

Are the testing centres open on weekends as my flight is on Tuesday? 

Sorry, the testing centre is not open on weekends. However if your test was taken on a Friday then your results will still be reported on Saturday (can take up to midnight).

Are tickets refundable if my plans change? 

Sorry non-refundable but we allow you to reschedule at no extra cost 

Does the kit get posted to me? 

Only Roche Antibody Test kit. For Fit to Fly and Test To Release you must attend one of our clinics as listed on the product page.

Contact Us Covid-19 Hotline : 0203 500 2019

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Disclaimer Notice

This website/portal is designed for one order at a time. Please follow the instructions outlined in the steps above. This is not a self-home test kit apart from the Antibody Test which is a finger prick blood test. All results will be reported to Public Health England. Atruchecks T&C apply found at Atruchecks and Eurofins are not liable for any other associated costs should your results be delayed.